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Sundance Kid


Since it’s been raining all week in LA, it was such a pleasure to wake up to sun this morning! No one seems happier than my dog, who was getting really sick of taking walkies in the rain. Yesterday, he climbed under a bush to pee and came out totally covered in little burs. Ugh, sis, I could have used CanineFostering help. ūüėČ I just waited till his fur dried and brushed it out, though. A very Hair on the Dog moment, actually.

Anyway. We also woke up to snow on our mountains, which we can see from our new apartment. If I don’t look to the right and look at all the green trees, I can sorta pretend I’m in Utah at the Sundance Film Festival with all the celebs, like Malin Akerman.¬†


I had to google Malin Akerman because she stars in movies that I’d never see unless someone had slipped me like 5 xanax. Movies like 27 Dresses (dude. ugh.), The Proposal (I see a trend) and Couples Retreat (wacky yoga hyjinx ensue!) She was also in Watchmen. Which reminds me that I watching some ‘Worst Movies of 2009’ show at the gym last month, and they did a whole segment on Malin Akerman movies because she’d been in so many bad movies in 2009. Ouch.

But since I haven’t seen her in anything, I’m curious what you guys think: Can she act? I mean, she’s really cute, so maybe she just needs a new agent. I’m loving her hair and that she doesn’t have crazy extensions. It’s such a cute length on her. She has gorgeous eyes too! And I’m digging her Sundance outfit. Looks so cozy.


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