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Did you guys watch Styl’D on MTV? It’s a reality show about five junior assistants competing for a styling contract with MMA. I started watching like mid-way through the season and then I got totally hooked. If you didn’t watch, I highly recommend catching the episodes online. The show brings the serious dramarama. From castmates hooking up, to stealing credit cards, to people falling in pools–it’s all totally awesome. For one of the last challenges, they had to dress Ashley Tisdale. And omg, she was a total pain in the ass. She didn’t like anything they pulled for her, and she sent them running all over the place. No big, I guess, but it was just how casual she was about ordering them around. The whole thing blew my mind. Also, Ashley? Those shorts are too short.


Tara was my fav, of course. But as soon as she tangled with Jen Rade, you knew she was done for. Sad. And how come Jen gave Brett a pass for the credit card shenanigans, but wouldn’t forgive Tara for her attitute?


I loved Eric Archibald and his over-the-top divatude. Plus, he loved Tara and was suspicious of Brett (above), who creepily reminded me of an ex. (Ugh.) However, kudos to Brett for realizing that sleeping in your car = winning a reality TV show.


Janna, on the other hand, really failed at reality TV. Like, really, really failed. She fell in a pool, got bit by a dog, fell down a mountain, hooked up with and then got majorly dissed by Cody, came in last place every week, got fired. Sad.


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