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Paul Labrecque Premium Boar Bristle Brush

Paul-Labrecque-Premium-Boar-Bristle-BrushAs I have discussed a lot on Hair on the Brain, I am obsessed with Mason Pearson brushes. They are the holy grail of brushes, which is why it’s probably better that I don’t actually, you know, have one. Lusting after the desired item is half the fun… Or so I tell myself. In the meantime, it’s fun to test out some worthy MP competitors, like the Sonia Kashuk Bristle Brush. But more recently, I’ve been testing out Paul Labrecque’s Smoothing Flat 100% Boar Bristle Bush. This brush is a boar/nylon blend and features a solid rosewood handle and reinforced boar bristles for long lasting durability. It promotes stronger, softer, hair full of radiant anti-static shine. It’s safe enough to use on your hair daily to stimulate blood flow for a healthy scalp. A paddle brush like this is good for doing straighter, smoother blowouts or detangling hair. Opt for one of the Paul Labrecque Round Brushes if you’re looking for a blowout with lots of volume.

Honestly, I was hoping this flat brush was 100% boar, not a boar/nylon blend, since the Sonia Kashuk brush I own is also a boar/nylon blend, but I might have to splurge at some point for a Mason Pearson to get a brush that’s truly all boar. Although, some readers might prefer a nylon/boar mix brush. In fact, it’s perfect if you have normal to thick hair because it’s better for getting out the tangles. Natural boar bristles are better for fine to normal hair (which is what I have.) Overall, this is a lovely brush. The rosewood handle is very pretty and feels nice in your hand. A major upgrade from the Sonia Kashuk brush! I use it when I’m blow drying my hair but don’t want the volume a round brush gives. It smooth the ends of my hair nicely. I’m still curious how my hair would do with a 100% boar brush, but this is a great option!  Price: $78.00

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