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Nicole's Award Looks


Nicole Kidman‘s hair looks so great curly like this! She looks so beautiful and youthful while presenting at the 2010 SAG Awards with Penelope Cruz. Penelope’s hair looks gorgeous too, down and off to one shoulder. It’s so shiny, and that color is Amazing. Penelope has one of the best brunette shades I’ve ever seen.


Back to Nicole: I think she looks her best when she’s sort of casual and not trying too hard. I actually liked her hair at the Golden Globes (above). Her updo wasn’t too stiff or done, which I dig, and her hair color is phenominal. In my opinion, her makeup artist failed, though. Nicole’s foundation looks poorly applied, and there’s a weird streak of bronzer (?) on her chin and at the tip of her nose. Her skin and makeup look much better at the SAG Awards. What do you guys think: Which of Nicole’s award looks do you prefer?