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Living Proof Full Thickening Cream

Living-Proof-full-thickening-creamLiving Proof, the company that brought you No Frizz, the first new anti-frizz solution in over 30 years, has another exciting hair product launch–Full Thickening Cream.

Living Proof products are the only hair products I have even heard of that are based on technology from research laboratories of MIT professors. (I appreciate people who take hair as seriously as I do.) Living Proof’s team of scientists came up with a new material: Poly Beta Amino Ester-1. I know, what? The science isn’t as important as what it does to your hair. Their latest advancement gives thin, limp hair a natural fullness, but unlike with typical volumizers your hair isn’t left stiff or brittle.

According to Living Proof, the beauty industry has traditionally tried to add the appearance of volume by puffing up flat hair with various sprays or holding the hair into specific positions with various brittle, polymers. But these solutions only last a few hours and deflate the minute they’re faced with wind or humidity.

To really address the problem of limp hair, Living Proof created a brand new polymer that’s both flexible and durable. Poly Beta Amino Ester-1 mimics the look and feeling of thicker hair by depositing a completely flexible and indestructible pattern of thickening points that can’t break or flake off. According to Living Proof, when they used the new product on test subjects’ hair, they felt like they had more hair, with a natural fullness, not stiff, but flowing and touchable.

How to use Full Thickening Cream: I started with clean, damp, combed out hair. Put a nickel sized amount of the cream in my palm for my past my shoulders hair. (You can use less for short hair, more for super long hair.) I spread the cream between your palms and apply it starting below my roots, working down the ends, and then used a wide-toothed comb to disperse evenly. I used a hair dryer to blowout my hair like normal. Using a round brush at the end. I got a great blowout with this product!

Check out some expert tips on how to boost your hair’s thickness, after the break.

Expert Tips: Professional hair stylists and Living Proof co-founders, Ward Stegerhoek and Mitch DeRosa, recommend the following additional tips for ultimate fullness.

Layers: The most volume will be achieved if you have some layers in your hair, whatever the length is. Make sure to ask your stylist to give you some layers if volume is your top hair concern.

Don’t Overly Condition: You certainly want to have your hair well hydrated, but be careful not to excessively moisturize with heavy masks as this can tent to weigh the hair down, especially if your conditioners have lots of oils and silicones. This weight may counteract the benefits of a volumizer or thickener, like Full.

Style with Heat: The most volume will come from starting with clean hair and blowing it dry following the instructions above. Air drying will give you texture and definition, but usually not as much volume as heat styling.

Different Products Do Different Things: Full is a thickening product; it is not a root lifter and it will not give you hold. Cocktail Full with your favorite root lift product or holding product if that is the look you want. And experiment – have fun with your hair until you find your favorite style.

Coloring Helps: For those of you who color or highlight your hair, this will give it added texture and will help give the appearance of more volume.

Full Thickening Cream is available at Sephora, QVC and Price: $24.00 for a full size and $14.00 for a travel size.

An editorial sample was provided by the company so I could review this product. Please see my About page for further information on Disclosure policies.

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