Katy Perry is Engaged!


A story came out over New Years that Russell Brand and Katy Perry are engaged. According to Britain’s Daily Mirror, Russell was photographed shopping for a diamond ring at a Cartier early in December, and he proposed to Katy while she was visiting Britain over the holidays. However, the engagement has yet to be confirmed.

[Edited to add: It’s now confirmed! After their brief three-month romance, Katy and Russell are engaged. Their reps confirmed to People that the rumors were true.

I think Russell and Katy are very cute together, but it seems maybe a little soon to get engaged? (I know, so my business.) I guess we will see… The couple arrived in Jaipur, India on December 30 for a lil’ vacation. I’m jealous!


Oh, and did you know Russell built the Taj Mahal for Katy? (Aw or ew?)

p.s. I wanna go there.