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It's Nicole's World, We Just Live In It


Newly-single Nicole Scherzinger was at a pre-Grammy party at Calvin Klein in West Hollywood last night. The Pussycat Doll recently split with her Formula One racing BF, Lewis Hamilton. Hmm. Wonder why they didn’t work out? She looks so sweet.


Oh, wait. There’s the sweet face.

In other Pussycat Dolls news, last night I was watched a little E! News and ex-Pussycat Jessica Sutta was interviewed. She had some pretty interesting things to say about her departure and about Nicole Scherzinger’s “diva demands”.  You just know all those backup singers band members hate her ass…


Jessica talked to Life & Style about her experience as well: “It all started when I was injured on tour (in May 2009),” she says. “They decided to send me home… I didn’t have a place to stay because I was on tour. Luckily, a girlfriend let me stay with her. I’m lying there, thinking, wow, I’m an international pop star, and I just left this extravagant life, and here I am sleeping on someone’s couch.”

On working with Nicole Scherzinger, Jessica says, “Nicole is a star, and she wanted to be treated like one. The Pussycat Dolls were Nicole’s world, and everything that Nicole says goes. If you liked a certain top and Nicole liked it too, she would take the top. She’s the star. We had to support her in every way. It was Nicole’s world, and we were just living in it.”

(Hee! Lemme borrow that top.)

On leaving the group, Jessica says, “Honestly, I felt like it was time to not live in the shadow of Nicole anymore. It wasn’t a joyful experience. I wasn’t feeling like I was growing in the situation. As hard as the decision was, it was something I had to do.”

Jessica is currently working on a solo album. Good luck with that, but everyone knows Nicole is the only one who can really sing, right?

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