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Interview with Whitney Port's Cousin/Hair Stylist!


I did a post a few days ago, My Cousin Jackie, about The City star Whitney Port’s gorgeous hair while she co-hosted a launch party for the new LG Lotus phone in Las Vegas. After the event, Whitney blogged about the fact that her cousin Jackie did her hair and always styles her tresses when she’s in Vegas. I thought that was so cool. And even cooler—her cousin was sweet enough to do an exclusive interview with HOTB! Check it out:

Hair on the Brain: How long have you been doing hair?

Jackie Braverman: Five years.

HOTB: How did you get into the industry?

Jackie: Originally I was just looking for an after school job. I became a receptionist at a salon when I was 16 and then moved on to managing another salon in the area. I was going to college at UNLV for about a year when I realized that was not what I wanted to do. I decided to attend cosmetology school because I loved working in the salon environment, and I saw the earning potential as a stylist compared to just working the front desk. I honestly didn’t know whether hair was something I was going to be good at, since before I started school I really had no hands-on experience. Considering on one of the first days I got a round brush tangled in a mannequin’s hair so badly that I had to cut it out, let’s just say I’ve come a long way!

HOTB: Where do you work now?

Jackie: I work in a salon in Henderson (outside of Vegas), where I rent a space. I do a lot of freelance work, though, and that has me traveling across the United States. Although, I have clients that I see on a regular basis at the salon, I love the change of pace and environment when I’m on the road–whether I’m working in a hotel room or on the set of a photo shoot.

HOTB: How long have you been doing Whitney Port’s hair?

Jackie: Whitney was one of my guinea pigs while I was still in cosmetology school. I think we did some at home highlights–scary! Since then I’ve been styling Whitney’s hair for various special events and random nights on the town. I try to get my hands on her hair whenever I’m around her. Whitney also hired me to style the hair for her clothing line, Whitney Eve’s, lookbook for the Spring 2008 and Winter 2009 collections. (Go to whitneyeve.com to check out the line.)

HOTB: What is it like to style Whitney’s hair for a major event?

MTV Awards Arrivals

Jackie: The first time I styled Whitney’s hair for an event was the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards (above). It was pretty nerve racking that day because the make-up artist took way too much time on her, so when it came to hair, we were crunched for time! These days, the environment is pretty relaxed while working on Whitney’s hair. Usually most of her siblings are around, and it’s like hanging with your friends while working at the same time. We’re all really close so it never feels like I’m the “hired help”.

More dish from Jackie on doing Whitney Port’s hair, plus she tells HOTB about doing Ryan Tedder from the band OneRepublic’s hair for the Grammys, after the break!

HOTB: Does Whitney have a set idea of what she wants her hair to look like, or do you come up with the concept?

Jackie: Whitney’s really good at doing research. She’s constantly ripping out pictures from magazines for inspiration–not necessarily just for hair. We usually look at the pictures and narrow it down to what we think will look best with her outfit. I try not to copy exactly from a picture. I like to add my own flair and do what I know will work well with Whitney’s hair texture, etc.

HOTB: Do you have favorite products to use on Whitney’s hair?

Jackie: Whitney and I love Enjoy products. My most favorite Enjoy product is the Hair & Skin Treatment Oil. It’s lightweight and it smoothes and conditions hair without weighing it down. It’s the best product to eliminate frizz and lock in moisture. Their Shaping Lotion is something I use on every single clients’ hair. It is an awesome styling cream; I love it because it creates flexible volume. Their Creamy Pomade is a must have. It has a soft hold and helps create piecey and textured looks.

HOTB: Have you done any other celebrity’s hair?


Jackie: Two of my good friends are Ryan and Genevieve Tedder. Ryan is the front man of the popular band OneRepublic. Last year Ryan’s band was nominated for a Grammy and Ryan himself was nominated as a writer for Leona Lewis song “Bleeding Love”. I had the opportunity to cut and style Ryan’s hair for The Grammys and give his wife Genevieve extensions and to style her hair as well. They’re an awesome couple, and it was so fun to work with them! (See Jackie’s finished work above.)

HOTB: What is it like doing hair in Las Vegas?

Jackie: Since I work in Henderson, which is a suburb of Vegas, I definitely do pretty tame hair compared to the bleach blonde hair I see coming out a lot of Vegas hotel salons. My everyday clients are pretty traditional in their hair coloring. As far as cuts go, the bob is still the most popular. I have people bring in pictures of Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes and Jenny McCarthy bobs daily.

HOTB: Thanks so much, Jackie!