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I’ve had my eye on this relatively new line of haircare products, HerCut, for a while. Mainly because the packaging is so cute. I love the little drawings of each girl with her corresponding haircut: Long Layers, The Pixie, The Blunt Cut, The Bob, The Shag. Adorbs! (Check out each illustration at the end of the post; which cut are you? I’m Long Layers.)

HerCut is the first-ever hair care collection tailored to your haircut–not your hair type. HerCut believes it doesn’t take an expert to maintain straight-from-the-salon style, just the right products to support your cut. HerCut Catalysts address the five major categories of haircut–bob, pixie, shag, blunt cut and long layers–and customizes a Catalyst to meet the specific needs of every cut.

Since I just got my hair cut, this was a perfect time to try out this line. I tested HerCut Long Layers Catalyst. It’s a heat-activated styling cream/gel that’s specially formulated for a long layered cut. It has a dual dispenser that delivers cream and clear styling product, although the first time I used this product, only the clear product came out. I put my finger over the clear product dispenser in order to get the heavier cream to come out and that worked.

I really liked this product. It’s free of bad for you and your hair chemicals, like parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOs and triclosan. (Can I just say, I love that more hair lines are creating products free of these chemicals?) My hair wasn’t weighed down at all; it’s super lightweight, yet provides enough lift to give volume at the roots and provide movement to the layers. After I blew it out with a boar bristly brush, my hair looked incredibly shiny and felt super soft. And the blowout lasted well into the next day. LOVE THIS.

After the break, check out my review of HerCut Normal-Dry Shampoo and Deep Conditioner, plus illustrations and descriptions of all the HerCut Catalysts!

To maximize the effects of the Catalysts, HerCut also has a collection of sulfate- and paraben-free shampoos and conditioners. I tested HerCut Normal-Dry Shampoo and HerCut Deep Conditioner.

The Normal-Dry Shampoo is designed to be used every other day, which is perfect for me, since I like to give my hair a break from washing and styling stress. This shampoo left my hair feeling super soft. I love that in a shampoo. You know when you shampoo, and your hair feels scary dry and stripped like straw and you have to immediately dump half a bottle of conditioner on it? I hate that. HerCut Normal-Dry Shampoo left my hair in such great shape, I almost felt like I’d already conditioned it. And best of all, it wasn’t oily or heavy when I dried it. It was lightweight with smooth ends. A+++!

The Deep Conditioner is created for damaged or chemically treated hair that needs to be softened, smoothed and repaired. Like the shampoo, I found this conditioner quite weightless and moisturizing. It immediately absorbed into my hair and left it soft and shiny. It wasn’t overly greasy; my hair was good to go the next day too! Price: Catalysts, $28 each; Shampoos and Conditioners, $22 each.

Here’s a little bit of info on the other HerCut Catalysts. Which one are you?

The Personality: The gamine, the tomboy and the pixie—rebels and rule-breakers, baby dolls and independents.
The Style: This cropped, tailored cut is short on length and long on options—wear it smooth and sleek or deliberately tousled.
The Science: The Pixie Catalyst utilizes patent-pending D3 Polymer Technology to create a strong yet flexible mesh that loosely connects hair, providing versatile hold that allows you to shape, contour and texture with total control.

The Personality: From flappers and suffragettes to mod icons, this timeless style always makes a statement.
The Style: This forward-flowing angular cut utilizes clean geometric lines to delicately define the shape of the face.
The Science: The Bob Catalyst utilizes patent-pending Tumbling Polymer Technology to anchor the ends of the cut, weighting hair to encourage forward momentum and showcasing the clean, precise exterior of the bob.

The Personality: Rebel with a cause célèbre, she rocks, rolls, and never falls flat. Always edgy, never hard, the shag has many layers.
The Style: This casual, spontaneous, heavily layered cut has multi-dimensional texture with playful movement.
The Science: The Shag Catalyst utilizes patent-pending Ionicon Polymer Technology that creates separation and weight dispersion through negatively charged macromolecules that repel each other and create controlled separation.

The Personality: Indie, alternative and trailblazing, on the edge but forever insider.
The Style: This precision cut is typified by an even, unified length from root to end, with clean lines and blunt edges for a sleek silhouette.
The Science: The Blunt Catalyst employs patent-pending Compress-Ion Polymer Technology to form a crystal-clear matrix around each hair fiber and compress it while forming bridges between hair fibers to ensure that they move in unison and always appear freshly cut.

An editorial sample was provided by the company so I could review this product. Please see my About page for further information on Disclosure policies.