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Hayden on Going Red


Remember how Hayden Panettiere recently ditched her blonde locks for red hair? Well, she recently told Us magazine that she decided to make the change, “Because I could!”

She says, “I was tired of being a blonde and being… you get stuck in one thing and known for one thing and as a cheerleader or whatever that image. It’s fun to change things up, and I feel I don’t have to overcompensate as much personality-wise when I have red hair as I do with blonde hair.”

Hayden adds that her new red shade suits her personality better: “I’m typically a very fiery person anyway, but I just feel like cute and blonde and little is just so one category and one thing and changing my hair color, I feel like I don’t have to overcompensate so much for the fact that I don’t like being called cute or anything like that — especially being all 5-foot-2 of me.”

Hayden also says it’s no big deal that she dates older guys. “It just happens to be the people that I’m drawn to, and you go, ‘How old are you?’ And then it’s like ‘Typical!'” she said while laughing. “It’s just a number and it’s just on a birth certificate and whoever it may be, older, younger, blonde, brunette….”

(I kinda love when magazines quote people verbatim.)

Also, Hayden’s red hair looks pretty good!


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