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Golden Globe Updos


Dang, Mariah Carey! Nice… updo.


Interesting dress on Kate Hudson. I like her hair pulled back.

Olivia Wilde, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Maggie Gyllenhaal and more after the break.


Olivia Wilde, hair pulled back in a ponytail. I wonder if that was last minute because of the rain? I’m guess a lot of people had hair changes because of the weather… Not wild (ha) about her dress. It looks too long on her.


Cameron Diaz. Her hair is pulled back too severely. I like that she’s holding her own umbrella though.


Golden Globe winner, Drew Barrymore (she won best actress in a miniseries for Grey Gardens) looked beautiful. I wish that dress didn’t have the weird extra piece at the hip, but we can’t have everything…

Maggie Gyllenhaal-67th-Annual-Golden-Globe-Awards

Oh boy. I don’t like this mermaid style dress on Maggie Gyllenhaal at all. Also, her hair is awful. What the fug.


That’s quite a dress Glee‘s Lea Michele is wearing! It’s…um. Big.