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Golden Globe Long Hairstyles


Penelope Cruz‘s hairstyle deserves an award for creating waves that held up during the rain at tonight’s Golden Globe Awards. Impressive! I think a lot of celebs opted to wear their hair up because of the weather. These are some of the stars who dared to wear it down…


Julia Roberts wore her famous locks down in loose waves. I love this hairstyle. It looks great on her. I’m not sure this overall look is dressy enough for the Golden Globe Awards, but Julia does look really great.


Rose Byrne looks really pretty. Her hair is down, but still done, you know? I like it. Her dress seems a little long, I feel like I keep seeing that…


Wow! Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks looks fab. It’s weird. I actually hate this dress, but somehow she makes me not care. Hmm, I wonder what it is… ūüėČ Oh I know! It must be the hair.


Fergie‘s long brunette hair looks too undone for the red carpet. What do you guys think?