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Freaking out over this one! Here is the deal: You all watch The Rachel Zoe Project right? Yes, duh. So, everyone remembers that last year my favorite sourpuss Taylor Jacobson announced she was departing from Team Zoe. Word is, Rachel Zoe didn’t take Taylor’s decision too well. Shock! Via Fashion Week Daily:

“Rachel Zoe’s reaction to Taylor Jacobson’s parting from her company was far nastier than anyone could have imagined. As soon as Jacobson drafted her goodbye letter to her colleagues and PR contacts, Zoe apparently began masterminding the blacklist campaign against her former assistant. “Rachel went ballistic,” says our well-placed source. “She basically wasn’t happy about Taylor leaving on her own terms and felt like she should have fired Taylor herself. There were a lot of e-mails and calls that were placed to big houses with the intent of keeping Taylor away, which is ironic because Taylor did about 85% of the work in the company.” It got worse. Apparently, Zoe tried to blacklist Taylor from her own hair salon. “Taylor’s stylist called her and said that she could only do her hair from home after a Zoe freak-out,” says another source. Jacobson is currently developing her own styling company.”

Rachel tried to blacklist Taylor from her hair salon? Christ on a celery stick. Please let them have filmed all of this.


The, uh, happy family.

In also-fantastic news, Taylor has just launched a new blog, Love, Taylor through Everyday Minerals’ site. I want to help TayTay with her link situation on the blog, because it’s kind of a mess, however, the content is still pretty awesome. I was actually dying to know where she got her sideways cross necklace. And frankly, as much as I love Rachel Zoe, I’d rather pick Taylor’s brain because I feel like she would know where the best spots to shop in LA would be for me. And Rachel Zoe knows where the best places to shop are for … Demi Moore.