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Davines Polishing Coat & Vegetarian Miracle

I recently splurged and bought two Davines products: Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle and Davines Wizard No.10 Universal Polishing Coat.


First of all, that name. I mean, come on. And secondly, it came in this very cute little pink tin that totally matches my new pink bathroom. How could I not get it? But aesthetics aside, this product works. It’s great for creating that piecey look with a layered cut. Also, it smells awesome. After I blow dry my hair, I rub a little Universal Polishing Coat between my palms and apply to my hair from the back of my head (at the nape) moving upward to the top of my head, so I don’t apply too much and weigh my hair down. With whatever is left on my hands, I run it over the front, top and bang area. Works like a charm.


The Veggie Miracle is a great deep conditioning treatment. After shampooing, I apply it from root to ends and comb through. I let it sit anywhere from 10 minutes to, well, one time I forgot it was on and fell asleep. Oops! I guess that was an “overnight treatment.” For an intensive treatment, you can use this product as your conditioner on alternating days for two weeks and then for maintenance, use it twice a week.