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Crush on Ginnifer


Style-wise, Ginnifer Goodwin is always one to watch. I love her look at Calvin Klein Collection & LAND’s 1st Annual Celebration For ALAC last night (Jan. 28). First of all, she has such gorgeous skin! She is a great motivator to stay out of the sun, drink your H20, get enough sleep…. Eh, whatever. She probably drinks diet coke and uses Neosporin ala Amber Rose. But whatever she’s doing, it’s working. Girl is gorgeous. I love her short pixie hairstyle, too. It works so well with her face, since she has sort of delicate features. I think the short hair makes her a little more edgy than her longer hair or the bob. Her makeup her is flawless too.


And that dress! Loves. With the necklace–so gorgeous. It’s simple and pretty. I really like neutrals and simple styles but with a little something different. And I love accessories. So I’m loving this. The guy next to her is  Joey Kern. Thank god for google: He was in Cabin Fever and Grind. Still no idea. Sorry, Joey.


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