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Coco Rocha's Fashion Line


One of my fav models, Coco Rocha, is going to try her hand at the designing side of the fashion world. The Daily recently caught up with Ms Rocha at the New York Times Center during the 3rd annual Supima Design Competition, where she announced the evening’s winner, Gina DeSilva.

Coco was hush-hush when it came to revealing the name of her upcoming line. “I can’t even give you a clue, cause it’s so good!” she told The Daily. “Actually, we really can’t talk about the line’s name because it’s still in the final, last-minute phase with lawyers putting things together. I’m hoping that in 2010 I will have my own presentation in September. But I can tell you that I love the 1800s, costume-y, but elegant, Victorian-inspired clothes. When you wear that style out today, it’s definitely considered costume. I’m trying to take pieces and elements of that era and put it into a modern woman. I also believe 100% that we need affordable clothing. High fashion affordable—that is my big goal for this coming summer.”

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