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Carrie Underwood’s Hairstyles


When I was home over the holidays, my mom was for some reason full of information about Carrie Underwood’s engagement to Ottawa Senators hockey player Mike Fisher. According to various reports, the ring is either five carats and worth $150,000 or 12 carats and worth $1 million or three carats and worth six figures. Maybe it’s actually cubic zirconia! That would make more sense then spending a million dollars on a ring. Do Canadian hockey players even make that much money? I have no idea. Anyway. Her hair looks super cute in the above pic, though. I love the loose curls. Do you think she used hot rollers or a curling iron? Or, rather: Do you think her stylist used hot rollers or a curling iron?


While we’re on the subject of Carrie Underwood, let’s take a look back at the American Idol winner’s hairstyles from over the years. She’s actually had quite a few different looks. Which bangs do you prefer, side swept in ’07 or straight in ’08? (By the way, some serious extensions going on in the ’07 hairstyle. But it looks nice.)


Carrie got all mall-girl on us with the volume plus headband look in ’06. She wore the curls and headband in ’08.


She looks really cute with the curly side-pony. Carrie wore this casual style in ’06 and a more polished version in ’09. I think she needs to loose a few accessories in the pic on the left, but she looks really good with this hairstyle.

Lots more Carrie Underwood hairstyles after the break.


Another side-swept look on Carrie. This time she’s rocking side-pinned waves, both in 2009. I think the proportions are a little better in the photo on the left.


Classic country singer hair: a curly half-updo. No bangs in ’08 and side-swept bangs in ’09. Not my fav.


Wow, Carrie looks so different with themall perm hair in ’05! I prefer the softer curls from ’07.

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