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Arms Like Madonna?

I thought this arm workout from celeb trainer Tracy Anderson (as in Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow‘s trainer!) was going to be wimpy because it only uses three-pound weights, but I just tried it out and it was really good! According to Tracy, “Conventional moves won’t deliver the sleek definition that most women want. You have to challenge muscles from different angles.”

It’s always semi-bugged me that Tracy Anderson advises women to lift with light weight because I think a lot of women are afraid of weights in general and don’t realize how good they are for you, your bones, weight loss, etc. However, her notion that “lighter weights and higher reps are key to chiseling your arms in a very sexy, detailed way” is interesting. And it is a lot of work, as you will see if you do this video. Not wimpy. Tracy says as you become stronger, you just tack on additional reps—up to 10 at a time. Her clients often eke out 100 reps per move in a session.

However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the time Gwyneth Paltrow was on Oprah and did the whole segment talking about her workouts/eating with Tracy Anderson still haunts me. She’s just like US you guys! hee.