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Worst Celebrity Hair of 2009!


In 2009, extensions got out of control. As did Lindsay Lohan. This was early in the year, though, when Linds was still looking pretty good. Things got worse…


Drugs ‘r Bad.


Yes, Madonna is an icon and gets to do what she wants. Up to a point. This is that point.


In 2009, Malibu Barbie Denise Richards was still stuck in the ’80s.


Renee Zellweger hit the red carpet at the 2009 Golden Globes looking like… this.

Some gossip about Renee and about a million more bad celebrity hairstyles, after the break!

By the way, I forgot to mentions this, but when I saw Kathy Griffin perform over Thanksgiving, she talked about running into Renee in Las Vegas, and she basically said Renee was totally coked up. I kinda believe her, because Renee had to be high to agree to this dress and hairstyle.


Rumer Willis brought us many new and horrifying hair styles in 2009. This permed, red atrocity was the one that made me the most sad inside, though.


I’m sure this is for a role, but still. Crush killing hair, Orlando Bloom.


Golden Tongue Ring ’09. Never forget.


Drew Barrymore was a repeat offender in 2009. The skunk look is a “don’t”.


Brad Pitt gets a mention here, thanks to his super gnarly goatee. Which you know he is growing just to annoy Saint Angelina.


Mischa Barton makes the list because… Well, check out those extensions. Did she find them under her bed? ‘Nough said.


Ashlee Simpson went back to bottle black from the fire-engine red she had most of 2009. She makes the Worst Hair list because I hate the dull, flat black color.


Good to know that can can have all the money in the world, access to the very best hair stylist and hair products, and still look like a poodle died on your head. Mary-Kate Olsen: Teaching us important life lessons one style choice at a time.


Sorry, you guys. I had to put this one in here. Kate Gosselin’s hair was the worst hair we had to endure in ’09. I mean, seriously. We practically needed group therapy to cope. Oh, wait, that’s why I have this blog… Well, better luck next year, reverse mullet!

So, do you guys agree or disagree with my Worst Hair of 2009 picks? Did I miss anyone?

P.S. I will be doing Best Hair of 2009 soon!¬† ūüėČ