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Workin' The Weave


Eva Longoria Parker showed off some mega fine fake hair at the Hollywood Reporter’s Annual Women in Entertainment Breakfast at the Beverly Hills Hotel this morning (Dec. 4).

Here’s the thing. I take one look at Eva’s hair and I know it’s fake as hell. Yet it looks amazing! So much soft, glorious, real hair. Hair that was probably snatched off some girl’s head in India less than 48 hours ago while she was at the movies or during a prayer service or at the doctor or something. Yo, I caught the re-run of Chris Rock talking about Good Hair on Oprah. Did you see it? That was some craaaazy shit. However, I was confused as to how the women in India are both totally in the dark about the fact that their hair is worth thousands of dollars, yet their hair is routinely stolen right off their heads in public. These two facts did not add up in my mind. Things that are stolen typically have worth, so it seems like the women in India would figure out, people are stealing their hair for a reason, right? Did anyone else find that confusing? Maybe I should look into it. Or watch the movie.

Anyway. Eva’s hair looks gorg. I just checked to see if Good Hair was OnDemand yet. Nope.