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Taylor Momsen: Anti-Pants


Wow. It never ends with Taylor Momsen and her classy wardrobe/hatred of pants, does it?

The 16-year-old Gossip Girl star wore this, um, interesting ensemble of short skirt, garters, flannel, and black leather trench coat as she headed to the set in NYC on today (December 14). You know, slutty and cute I can handle, but slutty and ugly is where I draw the line.

P.S. Kara left a comment mentioning that Taylor is influenced by Edie Sedgwick. Here is her quote to Teen Vogue about her fashion influences: “A lot of people. Edie Sedgwick had a cool style; she pushed the envelope for the time. My leopard coat, which I had on today, is vintage, but I added the zipper and took out the shoulder pads. That was inspired by her!”

Interesting, right? I guess that explains the no pants thing. Kind of. But the above outfit is still not very Edie, however. And thanks, Kara. My commenters always have such good info. ūüėČ


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