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Sonia Kashuk Bristle Brush


For-Literally-Ever, even before my beauty blogging days, I’ve been obsessed with the Mason Pearson brush. Every time I’m in one of those little random beauty stores in L.A. that carry the brushes, I look at the pretty vintage boxes longingly… And then I glance at the $100+ price tag and move along. But then I read that the Sonia Kashuk Bristle Hair Brush at Target was a genius knockoff of the Mason Pearson–for only $14.99! SOLD.

It’s hard for me to compare the Kashuk Bristle to the real Mason Pearson since I’ve never owned one and only had stylist use them on me, but overall I’m really happy with my knockoff. And for the price, you really can’t go wrong. I use this brush to smooth out my “next day” hair, and as a styling tool when I am blow drying my hair straight but not flat. It doesn’t get tangled in my hair and leaves it super smooth and shiny.


My only quibble: Even though this brush does have two types of bristles, I’m pretty sure it’s 100% nylon and doesn’t contain any boar bristles. (The Target site lists the brush’s materials as plastic and nylon.) Ideally, I would’ve liked the brush to be a boar and nylon mix, but that is probably asking too much for $14.99.

Bottom line: For the price, the Sonia Kashuk Bristle Hair Brush is a terrific. If you can’t afford the MP, I highly recommend this alternative. But it’s really only served to tide me over while I’m waiting for some extra cash to make the Mason Pearson purchase not seem so crazy. Mason Pearson Boar Bristle in Small Extra, someday you will be mine!

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