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Pop Rocks


I’m just guessing because I haven’t checked the weather on the East coast, but it’s cold in Boston right now, correct? Like, too cold to go out in your bra and suspenders? Lady Gaga was willing to risk frostbite, apparently. It’s always weird to see her looking semi-normal with her hair in this retro style. It’s cute and kinda ’90s era Blonde Ambition Madonna.


I’ve been slightly obsessed with ’80s and ’90s Madonna lately. She was so awesome. Madonna was one of my first idols, which is nothing new, I know, but she was such a powerful icon. I’ve just been tripping on that lately. Do you think kids these days feel that way about their pop stars? I guess so. Kind of a bummer to think about that, actually. Although, Lady Gaga makes me feel better about the state of music, I guess. I mean, she’s interesting and seems like she has a brain, unlike some other stars of the moment.


Heart you, Madonna and would love to see you in concert if you tickets weren’t like $250 a pop. Have any of you seen her live?

PLUS! Check out BerlinHairBaby’s video tutorial on Madonna Hair from Desperately Seeking Susan, after the break.


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