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Peace, Goatee


Not that I would ever read gossip magazines or anything, but theoretically if I was classless enough, I would totally skip the articles on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They manage to bore the pants off me with their astounding beauty, world peace initiatives, and flock of adorable children. Like: ZZZZZZ…. Wake me when Bad Girls Club Season 4 starts.

Speaking of which, I was in the middle of watching The Jersey Shore last night when the power went out. Do you think god was trying to tell me to stop watching so much crap reality TV?

Doubtful. I digress. My point was to ask if anyone knows what the dealo is with Brad Pitt’s goatee.

I like Saint Angelina’s super tolerant face in this pic. I can tell she’s practicing a very advanced meditation technique before our very eyes. She does not see the goatee. The goatee does not exist. She is one with the absence of the goatee… Om.

And if Maddox is into living in the now, maybe he could get Daddy this for the holidays?


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