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Launch of Lives


This one is for HOTB reader/commenter Meghan and all you other Jessica Lowndes lovers. Last night (Dec. 8) AnnaLynne McCord and Jessica hit up the PRVCY Premium Denim Launch of Lives Inspired Book & CD. The 90210 stars hammed it up for the cameras outside of Beso before heading inside. Weird. I drive by there practically daily on the way to the gym. Le sigh. My life is so glamorous!

Okay, let’s talk hair and makeup for a second: AnnaLyyne needs to ditch that frosty eyeshadow stat. She always manages to look so Kmart special to me, which I guess is kinda why I love her. Also, your roots. Dye them.


Jessica’s hair looks super glossy and the color is gorgeous, but I want her to cut a little off the length. I’m down with the extensions–she looks great with long hair, but it’s just too long and heavy. It weighs down her petite face. I would love to see Jessica with a slightly shorter, more layered cut. Why must so many young celebs have the same super LONG extensions? It’s hella boring.

Yes, I just said hella. It was kinda a typo and it stays.

P.S. It’s been bugging me who Jessica looks like, and I just realized she reminds me a bit of Soleil Moon Frye, the actress who played Punky Brewster when she was little!


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