Jersey Shore Beauty & Style Secrets


So, you’re all watching the soon-to-be Emmy nominated Jersey Shore, right? I can’t tell you how super proud this show makes me to be a quarter Italian. The whole time I’m watching, though, I’m wondering one thing: How do I get orange, spiky, poofy and covered in pickle juice?

DJ Pauly D shared a few nuggets of Guido wisdom with People: “A guy from [the] Jersey Shore is a guy that is looking good, feeling confident, taking care of himself. It takes me twenty-five minutes to get it right,” he explained. “Greatness takes time, and this hair right here is greatness. I have it down to a tee, but this is a process right here.”

Jenni got kinda deep, but not really. “At the end of the day, it’s not about Italians coming together, it’s about a lifestyle,” says ShamWow® J-WOWW. “We all live by a certain lifestyle…. the hair, the make up, the tans…being fit. It’s all preparation for the summer.” Part of that regime certainly includes DeliFresh Ham.  Cause you know after a night on the town our girl ShamWow,”feels like eating ham and drinking water.”


My favorite, The Pocket Snooki, admits to donning full makeup when she goes to the gym, but says, “It doesn’t matter what I’m wearing, I look good in anything!” Serious word, munchkin. Plus, don’t forget your beautifying pickle juice.



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