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"I’m So Over The Mohawk"


Mark Salling, who plays Puck, the singing jock on Glee, says he hates the mohawk that he’s become so well known for. “I’m so over the mohawk, I’m not gonna lie,” Mark admits. According to People, Mark shaved his mohawk four months before his Glee audition and now he’s stuck with the cut. “It was cool for a while, but I’ve had it for like a year, you know I’m kind of over it,” he says. “I feel better when I don’t have it.”

Aw. Poor Puck! Well, I like the mohaw, but I can see how having such a specific look for so long would get annoying.


What do you guys think–is it time to free Puck from the shackles of his mohawk? Or do you think he’s stuck with the signature look? Honestly, he’s hot either way, so whatevez. Also, he’s 27!


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