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How To: Winter Hats


Finding a practical and stylish winter hat is such a cold weather struggle. This girl is obviously not having any trouble. She’s French, though, so it’s in her DNA. The key to making this knit cap look chic is leaving your fringe outside of the hat, framing your face–not tucked inside the hat. Voila! Adorable.


With this beret and long hair, again pull your hair forward and around your shoulders so it frames your face. Another cute look is to put your long hair into a low ponytail and pull it over one shoulder.

A bunch more winter hat how-to’s after the break!


(Hey, it’s that wonk-eye model from Shopbop! I’m weirdly obsessed with her.) Anyway, see the trend? Hair down around the shoulders and not pulled back makes the whole winter hat thing look cute.


A popular way to wear knit caps is to pull most of your hair forward, styled as you usually would, and to wear the cap toward the back of your head, as shown here. Or here:


A few other hat tricks!

Pick a one that will keep you warm but that’s also stylish–not just a functional winter hat. Even though, I know when you live in Chicago or some equally brutally cold place where the windchill is -12, and you have to walk to the train and wait on an outside platform for ten minutes waiting for it to arrive… Well, fashion can pretty much kiss your frozen ass. I’ve been there; I get it.

But, on days when you can, you know, feel your face, change it up a bit with different styles, like newsboy caps, berets, and of course, knitted styles.

Pick a color that compliments or even matches your hair color, as seen on the model above with the black hair and black beret. Very chic.

To avoid dented bangs and “hat hair”, make sure you get a hat that fits correctly and is not too tight on your head.


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