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How To: Glee Hair!

Did you watch last night’s season finale of Glee? Major dramz. Some things I don’t want in my life: fake babies, baby-daddy drama, foiled marriages, Sue Sylvester on my ass. Something I do want in my life? Glee-esque hair. Aussie celebrity stylist, Sarah Potempa, has quick and easy hair tips and tricks to Gleek it out.


Twisted Front – On last night’s episode Dianna Agron, who plays Quinn, wore a twisted front hairstyle, similar to this cute style she was rocking during a night out with costar Lea Michele. To do, spritz Aussie’s Leave-In Conditioner spray on the front fringe that you will twist. Take two pieces and cross one over the other (and, surprisingly, do NOT twist). With each piece, add a little hair from the root of the loose hair. Follow half way down and secure with two bobby pins or a clear elastic underneath the top layer of the hair. Curl the hair with a one inch curling iron and finish with hairspray.


High Ponytail with Curls – Quinn and all the Cheerios also wear this high ponytail look. Start by applying Aussie’s Mousse + Leave-In Conditioner all over the roots and brushing the hair into the ponytail. TIP: Always look up when making a ponytail to create a tight, smooth back. Then separate hair in ponytail into four sections and curl each with a one inch curling iron and secure with duckbill clips until cool. Brush to blend the curls together for a polished finish.


Shiny, Smooth Pinned-Up Bangs – The perfect girl needs the perfectly polished hair. Rachel is always seen with soft, shiny bouncy hair. This starts by having a moisturizing foundation and using a product like Aussie’s Moist Shampoo and Conditioner. Then, using a large one and a half inch curling iron, bevel the bottoms of each section inward to polish the ends. Final step to keep the hair off your face is to take a triangle-size section and comb it back and twist at the root. Secure with bobby pins that match your hair color.

Find out how to copy Finn’s faux hawk, Mercedes’ headband style and more, after the break!


Faux Hawk – This style works great with a little texture, slight wave or curl, like Finn. The beginning of this look is really in the cut. Ask your stylist to “take the weight out” of the sides and around the crown (where the head starts to bend). Then softly blend the crown into the longer pieces on top. The key here is to have a subtle extension of length, hence the “faux” in the “hawk”. Once you have the right cut, apply Aussie’s Opposites Attract Mousse all over and direct the sides down and towards your face and the top up. This mousse is perfect for this look because it has a strong hold with a soft  touchable feel.


Fabric Wraps and Headbands – It seems all the girls of Glee have sported a headband or wrap in their hair at one point or another. But Mercedes in particular seems to have this style on lock. To copy her look, apply Aussie’s Shine Enhancing Gel to damp hair and lightly diffuse. Then wrap the fabric tightly around your forehead and tie in the back. Slowly, push the fabric back to tame the front. TIP: You can use a scarf, an old dress you cut up, or go to your local fabric store and find your favorite pattern.


Modern Curl Set – To get this voluminous curl set, start with a great foundation. Apply Aussie’s Opposites Attract Mousse and blow dry, working with your natural part. Section hair up with a large clip and curl pieces by wrapping around a one inch iron. Secure with duckbill clips until cool. Remove all clips and brush hair away from face. TIP: For added volume, try using a gel as a foundation.