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Hairstory: Lady Gaga


Okay, honesty hour: When Lady Gaga first hit the scene I kinda hated her. I thought she was an annoying poser. But something happened over the last few months; the Lil Gaga started to grow on me. I realized her wackiness was far better than the average cookie-cutter pop-tart boringness. Plus, she’s really committed to her insane styles. And there’s an art to that commitment. So let’s check out her hairstory, shall we?


So weird that Lady Gaga was ever a brunette. She rocked this long brown look with blunt bangs back in 2007. The blonde + bangs was back in May of this year. (Much better right?)


The Lady pulled off both of these sideswept hairstyles this year. Which do you prefer? Short or long?
Check out even more of Lady Gaga’s hairstory after the break!


Interesting that Lady Gaga wore the same dress twice back in 2008! Lady Gaga changed it up a tad with her hair and makeup, though, with a blonde hair bow and geometric shaped hair pin.


Also this year, LG wore this slightly crimped look and a bouffant half-upo.


A fan of hoods and blunt bangs since way back in 2008, Gaga wore this super long blonde hair with blunt bangs in July of that year. Do you prefer the long style or the shoulder length look from June of 2009?
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