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Hair Inspiration: Ellen!


So many people come here looking for pictures of Ellen DeGeneres’ hair. Many moons ago, I posted the above pic of Ellen and wife Portia de Rossi. So ridiculously cute, right? But I feel bad that people searching for her hairstyles are only getting this one snap. Time to rectify this with a whole post dedicated to Ellen’s snazzy, short hairstyle!


Wow, this is Ellen from a W magazine photo shoot. I barely recognized her! Gorg.


This is from that same shoot. Really cool, I love the styling. Her hair is more rock ‘n roll than usual. Ellen’s length of hair is really versatile, you can smooth it down and make it pixie-ish or punk it up.

A bunch more photos of Ellen–from the W shoot, of her and Portia and more–after the break!


It’s great that they kept Ellen’s tough edge for these W shots, but glammed her up a bit, too.


Aw, back to Ellen and Portia. I said this in my original post too, but I wonder if they use the same stylist/colorist?


Ellen with her trademark piecey, highlighted hair. Very cute. And her eyes are so blue. Mindy Kaling from The Office was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show the other day, and she was telling Ellen how amazing her eyes were. It was cute. (Love Mindy!)


Hope you guys liked all the cute pics!