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"Gray Just Seemed Obvious"


Is gray hair the next in-vogue hair color? According to Hanna Hanra of the Times UK, “growing numbers of women are no longer eschewing the very thought of gray, but embracing a gunmetal mane with pride–and attitude.” And most of them are under thirty. Including 19-year-old British socialite, and Bob Geldof’s daughter, Pixie Geldof, pictured above with makeup maven Pat McGrath. Pixie showed off her silvery gray hair at the British Fashion Awards last week.


Pixie told Times UK, “I’d been blonde for three years and fancied a change. I wasn’t thinking about the color, I just put on a bunch of toner one day, and there it was. It was rad. I didn’t want to do another colour like pink, grey just seemed obvious.”

So, a hair coloring accident started this trend? Sounds like it!

Hanra says, “This is a youth movement, from east London’s cool set to models on the Paris catwalks, women are throwing the tonsorial rulebook out of the window and going with the gray.”

What do you guys think? Would you ever dye your hair gray? And if you started to go gray, would you let the color come through or would you cover it up?

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