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Bangs On The Brain


Of course, having just finally fully grown out my bangs and now having long, layered hair, which was my hair goal for a very long time, I’m now contemplating going back to The Hive and having Lissa give me bangs again. Le sigh. Hair satisfaction is a fickle mistress…

By the way, “hair goal” is a phrase my longtime BFF Laura and I use to say in college. She’d be like, What’s your hair goal right now? And I’m be all: Hmm, I think I’m going to shave it all off in back and leave the front really long and get highlights! And she’d be like: Brilliant! I think I’m going to dye my hair jet black from a box we buy at Hy-Vee! And I’d be all: Sounds good to me!

Ah, youth! But it’s always good to have a hair goal. It gives you something to think about once you’re done thinking about your loser boyfriend.

Just kidding! I love my boyfriend, and spend all my free “headspace” thinking about the Middle East.

Let’s look at some bang inspiration, shall we?


I know, it’s Ellen Page. I am worried that my bangs will be too wispy (which I hate) because my hair is relatively fine and it’s pretty light colored. Bangs always looks best on brunettes, I think.


Not bad on a redhead either. Doesn’t hurt if you’re Lauren Ambrose. (Or her super freaky doppelganger?)

More bang inspiration after the break.


I want side-swept bangs, not blunt because I know I don’t have the straight, blunt hair texture to pull off blunt bangs… So maybe something like this? Minus the smoke, of course.


Or I could be all eff it, and just get a pink wig.

What do you guys think about bangs right now: Yay or nay?


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