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American Apparel Likes 'Em Hairy

Do any of you work at American Apparel? A female tipster and AA employee wrote into Jezebel claiming that Dov Charney sent company employee’s a newsletter telling them how to groom their eyebrows. See below.


I have to admit, this made me lol.

Here is what the employee wrote to Jezebel: “As an American Apparel employee I am appalled at being told how I have to groom my eyebrows. I am also appalled that this rule seems only for women. I love the idea of ‘made in USA,’ but i do not love the idea of being told how to wear my eyebrows by a disgusting creep.”

Okay, yes, duh. Dov Charney is a disgusting creep, but girlfriend, you knew this when you started working there! And I don’t think Dov is going to come into each American Apparel and start firing girls for the state of their eyebrows. I agree, though, it’s creepy and weird to be told how to groom the hair on your face. Thoughts?


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