Acrylic Nails


So after trying to figure out how I felt about Tavi this week: Genius writer with a unique inner voice who’s been elevated to the rightful spot at the pinnacle of the fashion world? Or a relative child who’s been propelled to the top way before her time because of the freakish novelty? Hmm… And then I read about another young fashion blog, and I felt totally different. It was cool, refreshing, interesting. It was like reading Tavi pre-J.D. Salinger comparisons and Harper’s Bazaar columns.


At first glance the images on Acrylic Nails Photography look like any other edgy fashion photos, the poses cribbed straight off the pages off of Vogue. But with closer inspection, there’s an eerie quality. The models are practically children playing dress up–but they’re really nailing it. The styling, the photography–it’s all amazing. A mirrored image of what the fashion world pumps out, after you’ve tumbled through the looking glass.

The photo blog is shot guerrilla style all over LA by five 14-year-old eighth graders, an after-school pastime they’ve pursed since they were fifth graders. They started out with a camera phone, but have now upgraded to a Canon EOS D5 digital camera, which was given to them by the group’s makeup artist and model, Syd Lynch, from her grandfather, filmmaker David Lynch. Walker Bunting, who created the site, is the stylist and photographer.



Syd Lynch, makeup artist, model and granddaughter of legendary filmmaker David Lynch. More photos from Acrylic Nails Photography after the break.