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A Thing Of Beauty


I have a feeling this post is going to drive Kat crazy with the curls. Gurl. You have no idea how hard I am trying to get someone to talk to me about perms! It’s like there’s a gag order or something. Any stylists that do perms willing to risk it? EMAIL ME if you can form a sentence and wanna be interviewed. ūüėČ

OK. I love Sarah Jessica Parker. She makes some risky fashion choices, but this lady clearly loves fashion and has fun with it, and that is fun to see! I mean, I wouldn’t pick that dress, but she kinda rocks it. And I love those shoes.

Going back to the whole straight hair pill thing? If you have curly hair, embrace that shit, because it is amazing. I mean, look at Sarah Jessica’s hair right there! Bananaballs amazing.

Also, her legs! I bet if you asked her workout secret, she’d give you that gorgeous-lady advice, ala neosporin + diet coke. Like, “oh you know, I just walk my son to school everyday and it’s like three whole blocks.” Bleh. I can’t hate on that though. It’s a thing of beauty. It’s art, those legs.


So in the fine fashion of burying the lead: Sarah Jessica was all dressed up for the Did You Hear About The Morgans? film premiere in London last night (Dec. 8). She stars in the flick with Hugh Grant. They looks pretty spectacular together. (Also, nice side view of her hair! Swoon!) The movie looks bad though, don’t you think?) They should have just filmed Sarah Jessica and Hugh, like, hanging out for an hour and a half. I would have actually paid to see that.