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A Single Man


Have any of you seen Tom Ford’s movie A Single Man yet? I am dying to see it. I love Tom Ford. I heard him interviewed on NPR recently. What an interesting, talented man. Ford directed, co-wrote and co-produced the film, which is an adaptation of Christopher Isherwood’s novel about a grieving college professor in 1960s California. The film is a combination of interior monologue, plot and, of course, plenty of visual flair. It is Tom Ford at the helm after all.


Also, I have been meaning to post some pictures of Julianne Moore arriving at the screening of A Single Man during the Venice film festival with Tom Ford because she wore this stunning green dress. I just love her. She’s probably my favorite actress of all time. HOTB reader Green Kinda Girl commented about redheads in green dresses on the Red on Red post and it reminded me about all of this, so thanks!