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Happy day-after Halloween, everyone. I hope you’re all at home relaxing today, and maybe nursing a hangover–whether it be candy or alcohol related. ūüėČ I had a ridiculously wholesome Halloween. I went to the gym and then hit up Zombiethon! It was such a blast; I recommend everyone in L.A. who missed it this year to check it out next year. I saw some amazing costumes–the zombie bride and Earl, the redneck zombie who stopped traffic, being some of the standouts. Plus, proceeds went to a great cause–raising money for Brain Cancer Research.


Two peeps who could use some brains: Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt. (Oh, look. Paris peed.)

Last night Paris dressed up as a sexy dust mop and Doug was… um, struggling to come out. I barely ever write about Paris because I find her boring. But I will fill you in on this little tidbit: Last night after Doug and Paris hit up Halloween parties in Hollywood, they got into a huge fight on their way home, which lead to Doug throwing Paris’s cell phone out of the window of her limo (hee) and Paris slapping Doug. Sounds like an awesome time!

Omg, you guys, I just re-read that while imagining the whole scene with them in those outfits, particularly DOUG in that stupid skirt and headband thing, and I just burst out laughing. Maybe I should write about Paris more often. Comedy.¬† ūüėČ

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