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Truth in Advertising?


There’s a hair controversy going on in the U.K.: The newest L’Oreal Elvive Full Restore 5 haircare products commercial and print ads starring X Factor judge Cheryl Cole has complaints pouring in to the Advertising Standards Authority about misleading images. Consumers are upset because Cheryl is wearing hair extensions in the ads. So far the complaints have been rejected, however, because there is a disclaimer in the commercials and the print ads that states Cheryl’s hair is “styled with some natural extensions.”

This controversy blows my mind, since in the U.S. we always constantly see mascara ads where false eyelashes are used and shampoo and conditioner ads where extensions are clearly being used. I can’t imagine people complaining about it here. But what do you guys think–is this false advertising? Should L’Oreal have been more up front about Cheryl’s hair extensions? Or is the disclaimer enough. Check out the commercial below and see if you can spot the disclaimer.