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They're Kinda Just Like Us

So, the other day I was minding my own business, shopping at Gelson’s on Franklin post-workout, as usual. I was semi-disgusting: Hardtail leggings, an American Apparel hoodie, hair in a ponytail. Just doing my thing, squeezing produce and stuff. And then I see this guy dressed really well, good jeans and a hoodie with a jacket/blazer thing over it and a hat. A guy with a hat in Gelson’s in a telltale sign that he’s somebody. Sunglasses are not a sign–everybody in LA wears their sunglasses indoors. But a hot guy with a hat tipped low, trying to look inconspicuous: could be A- or B-list celeb. And, you know, I’m cool. I don’t go all psycho or anything, but I am still relatively new to LA and did not grow up with this insanity, so I am going to notice.


ANYWAY, plus, it’s kinda hard not to do at least a minor double-take when you’re picking out avocados next to Colin Farrell! Apparently his Polish/actress GF Alicja Bachleda-Curus just gave birth to their first kid together earlier this month, so maybe he was out buying baby supplies. Aw. Most of the time when I see celebs IRL, they’re kind of a let down, like Rose McGowan looked like a teeny tiny tranny. But Colin Farrell looks better in real life.


I found a recent pic of Colin minus his hat, just to make sure he wasn’t bald or something. Everything looks OK in the hair department, so he must just like hats. However, he must take shirt buttoning cues from Ed Westwick.