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The All Nighter

Nintendo Style Savvy Boutique EXCLUSIVE

For some reason I can’t figure out, Rachel Zoe and Dakota Fanning had a “playdate” last Wednesday at the Madison 3rd Street flagship with Nintendo’s new Style Savvy game. I guess because they’re getting paid. Why else? L.A. Times blog All The Rage snuck in a few questions between games and Rachel had this to say about The Rachel Zoe Project. “The show is giving a glance into the industry that’s a mystery to people,” Rachel said. “It de-mysticizes a lot of what we all do. It’s not just so and so wore a pretty dress to this event. It provides insight and education into the fashion world.”

It’s true. I miss The Rachel Zoe Project. That show is the best. Not only do you get to see unbelieveable fashion upclose and personal, but Rachel herself is just a trip. She’s dying of verigo, you guys. DYING! hee.

To tide you over until the next season, have you all been reading your Zoe Report? In it, Rachel mentioned how she doesn’t wash her hair everyday and instead uses powder to absorb oil and add volume. She use to use baby powder but now uses this stuff called The All Nighter Styling Powder. It’s made with real silk particles, that soak up dirt, build volume and add texture to your hair without shampooing. Say it with me now: “BANANAS!” “AMAZING!” “I DIE!”


With powders, all you have to do is sprinkle it into your hair at the roots and rub it in and you’re good to go. This stuff comes in six shades and is small enough to slip into your purse, so if you happen to wake up elsewhere after a night on the town, you can revive your hair in time for brunch.

I’ve never tried this product or seen it around, but now (of course) I’m dying to try it. Have any of you used The All Nighter Styling Powder?


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