Brittany-Murphy-Simon Monjack-making-out-airport

Um, yeah. So this happened at LAX today. (EW HIS HAND.)

Because her face is completely enveloped in her dog’s ear canal, you can’t really tell it’s Brittany Murphy, but it is. And the Artie Lange looking dude that’s molesting her, is actually her husband Simon Monjack. The dog is an innocent bystander in this mess. It’s not even like Brittany and her husband are reuniting at the airport–they were flying out together.

Brittany-Murphy-Simon Monjack-making-out-airport

Obviously Brittany is just trying to drum-up publicity because really, who again? Clueless and then Ashton Kutcher and then … I’m drawing a six-year blank. But does she have to be so disgusting about it? Even the dog is trying to figure out how to book a one-way flight to Mumbai just to get away from these two creepers.


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