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Stephanie Pratt Enters Rehab


The Hills star, Stephanie Pratt, plead not guilty to misdemeanor DUI Friday (Nov. 13) in a Los Angeles court and agreed to enroll in a 30-day residential rehab facility. She was arrested Oct. 18 in Hollywood after driving home from a birthday party for Holly Montag. If convicted, Stephanie faces up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Just a guess: there is no way in hell Stephanie will do any jail time. Although, she does have a criminal record. Stephanie was arrested in 2006 for shoplifting $1,300 worth of merchandise from a Neiman Marcus in Honolulu. (Steph was in Hawaii “working” as a production assistant on Lost. It’s just plain unforgivable that instead of being f’ing THRILLED to have that job, she was being a meth-head and riping off department stores.)

Stephanie has been very open about her past serious problem with drugs. She told Us Weekly that she started smoking pot at age 15. “In a matter of months, I was on to other things… I was a blackout drinker too,” Stephanie says.

“Once in history class, I was so high that when the teacher wasn’t looking, I asked a girl to feel my heart. It was beating so fast I thought I was going to die.”

More about Stephanie’s 2006 arrest and her current trip to rehab after the break.

When Stephanie was arrested in 2006 for shoplifting she passed out. “I was so humiliated… because of all the drugs in me, I passed out and had to go to hospital, where I called my parents,” Stephanie says.

“Getting arrested was a blessing,” she adds. “I don’t think I would have been able to get off drugs without that huge wake-up call.”

Hmm, interesting because Stephanie just told People magazine of her recent DUI arrest, “it was the worst thing to happen to me and, at the same time, it was the biggest blessing.”

Apparently Stephanie LOVES getting arrested! It’s like the best. Such a blessing. In fact, we should all put down our laptops and go jaywalk or score crack or something just to feel the blessings!!

Also interesting that Stephanie plead not guilty… I really have no idea how these things work, though. But I think enrolling in rehab helps these cases? Who knows. In any case, it’s probably a good idea for Stephanie. She seems to have some issues. Weird that Spencer is the normal one in that family.

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