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Scarlett Johansson's Hairstyles


I watched He’s Just Not That Into You on DVR the other night. (I know. Don’t judge me.) And I went from saying out loud, Bradley Cooper is so fucking hot, to finding him the most annoying human being on the planet. Same goes for Scarlet Johansson. Seriously, don’t see that movie if you want to continue to crush on Bradley because that movie will kill it for you. For one thing, his hair is ridiculous. I mean, frosted highlights really, Bradley? And I’ve never been a big fan of Scarlet’s acting, in fact, I think she’s kinda bad. But it’s fun to watch her change her hair, though, so let’s focus on that, shall we? And skip the movie, even though at this point you’ve either: ran to the theater to see it, rented it, or are never going to see it. The only thing worthwhile in it is Jennifer Connelly. Girl had me at Labyrinth.

It’s weird to see Scarlett with pin-straight hair, like in the top pictures. She usually has a lot of volume and retro waves, and I prefer this look on her. It goes with her voluptuous look. Which wavy look do you like best? The shorter style from ’05, the long blonde look from ’07, or the caramel colored waves from ’08?
ScarJo would be perfect on Mad Men, wouldn’t she? She has the early ’60s look down pat. She wore this faux bob in ’04 and the mega-beehive in ’06. I love the platinum faux bob on her.
Remember when Scarlett got all crazy with her hair and had a mullet? Actually, let’s forget about that. These updos with bangs are interesting enough. The textured bang look in ’03 is kinda bad, but I actually like the sculpted hairstyle she wore that same year. Weird but kinda good? Fashiony and interesting, at least. And lastly, she was cute and safe in ’04.
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