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Save The Whales!


Hayden Panettiere attended the 2009 Whaleman Foundation Save the Whales Again Event at the Beso Restaurant in L.A. on Sunday (Nov. 15). She’s way into this cause. Remember the highly publicized situation in Japan when Hayden teamed up with Save Japan Dolphins coalition? Hayden and the coalition tried to disrupt the annual slaughter of dolphins by Japanese fisherman, who kill an estimated 23,000 of the sea creatures each year. (Dolphin hunting is still considered culturally acceptable in parts of Japan.) However, the coalition of surfers were intercepted by a fishing boat before they could reach the dolphins. The situation got really real when the angry fisherman used their boat propellers to stop the surfers and even lashed out at them with a boat hook. “It was really frightening,” Hayden says. “Some of us were hit by the boat hook. But in the end, all we really worried about was the dolphins.”


Hayden is cool in my book. Focused on positive things like helping whales and dolphins and doing stuff other than blow off Brandon Davis’ iPhone. However, she sometimes doesn’t make the best fashion choices. That dress looks like something from the Project Runway reject pile. And omg. shoes. Also, is she wearing nude hose? fek. Also, also, pretty sure that’s a wig, right? Still love you, Hayden! Save the whales!

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