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Katharine McPhee Goes Blonde


What do you think of Katharine McPhee’s new(ish) short blonde hair? She looks better as a brunette, in my opinion, but I get the fact that she wants to try new things. Katharine dished to popeater about the new look.

On whether or not the dye-job was spur of the moment, Katharine says,I can’t say it wasn’t calculated because I didn’t want it to be a complete disaster and have my hair fall out, but it was a natural thing to do. I always wanted to know what it was like to have blond hair. People get complacent and know you as the girl with long brown curly hair. People always say ‘Oh, your hair is so beautiful and curly.’ Really, my hair is completely pin-straight. I have no wave in my hair. So this image gets created, which is great because then people identify you, but I just wanted to turn things upside down. I felt like seeing what it was like to be blond with short hair and doing something people wouldn’t expect. It’s fun. Now I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and see a different person. Maybe six months from now it will be a redhead.”

When asked if people act different toward her now that she’s a blonde, Katharine says, “I wish that was the case. I always thought blondes got more attention walking down the street. I’m like ‘That guy totally checked her out and didn’t notice me and I’m wearing higher heels!’ But, I haven’t really noticed a difference at all and the reason is I’m not a true blonde. Only true blondes get the real attention.”


I kind of miss the old Katharine, but my guess is she’ll go back to it soon enough.


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