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Hair Inspiration: Short Short


Ever since Victoria Beckham unleashed her amazing new hairstyle, short hair has been on my brain. I got my own hair trimmed at The Hive in Silver Lake recently (full review to come!) and was telling Lissa, the owner, that I just don’t think I look good with short hair.

But I wish I did though because I obsess over it a million times more than long hair. Walking into Gelson’s the other day, I saw a girl with her blonde hair cut super short–almost shaved in the back with long, floppy layers in the front. I did a deadstop in front of her. The words: I love your hair! bubbling up. I couldn’t help myself. And if her hair had been long and blonde? She would have been just another pretty L.A. girl. Yawn.

This photograph of model Agathe Mougine and her short, pompadour inspired haircut shot by Garance Dore is exactly what I mean. Image with brown hair down the middle of her back. Still a gorgeous girl, but not post worthy unless she was staring opposite Ryan Gosling or something. But with this haircut? Genius!