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Christina Gets Cut!


Christina Aguilera cut her hair! She finally lost the (extremely obvious) extensions and chopped her hair into a stylish, chin-length bob. I really like it. What do you guys think? She looks cooler and more sophisticated. I could do without her legging, but the Christian Louboutin shoes and the jacket are adorbs.


These aren’t the best pics, but you can get an idea of the cut. It’s so cute on her! It’s really refreshing to see Christina with a shorter hairstyle.


You can see from this pic that the ends are really blunt and the bangs are slightly side-swept and angled. It’s really flattering on Christina’s almost heart-shaped face. The color is suuuuper platinum, which is her trademark, along with the red-red lipstick, but it works with this cut. It’s chic but idefinitely a look. It would take a ton of maintenance for the regular person.

Just one question for my hair extensions experts: is this all her hair or does she have a few pieces thrown in there? I wonder this ALL the time now. It’s a curse. ūüėČ