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Chaz Dean's Wen Hair Care


No big surprise that I love Flipping Out. Clearly, if it’s a reality show and it’s on Bravo, I’m watching it. But I have a special soft spot in my heart for Jeff Lewis. I dig him and his OCD. I also have a thing for real estate and interior design, and Jeff’s houses are just flawless. Of course, I heart Jenni and Zoila and Roomba. Since we live in Jeff’s area, I’m always on the lookout for him. So far, no Jeff Lewis sighting though.

If you watched Flipping Out this season, a major plot point was renovating Chaz Dean’s salon. His salon is an old Craftsman that he bought in 1997 and converted into a tranquil oasis (R.I.P. Spirit) in the middle of Hollywood. Thanks to Jeff Lewis’ recent updates, the salon is now even more amazing, making it the perfect place for clients to be all zen while they get beautified. Chaz Dean also has an award-winning haircare line, Wen, which has been wildly successful on QVC.


Wen is also available on Chaz’s website and at his salon. Wen contains all-natural ingredients, like rosemary and tea tree oil that cleanse your hair without stripping the color or moisture.

I got the chance to try out a review an editorial sample of Wen’s Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner, which hydrates damaged hair and is designed to be used without shampoo. … Find out what I thought of Wen’s Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner after the break.

To Use:
I rinsed my hair thoroughly with cool water for about a minute and then applied the Cleansing Conditioner to the top of my hair, to the nape/back, and to the ends of my hair. Since my hair is past my shoulders, Wen’s directions suggest I use about 40 pumps to cleanse my hair, but honestly I used nowhere near that much. I used probably about 15 pumps? Maybe because my hair long, but also fine I can get away with using less product. [Edited to add: Anna Lee from Chaz Dean Studio left a recommendation in the comments section that I try using more pumps when cleansing. When I tried that, I really noticed a difference. My hair came out even better–it was shinier and had a lot of bounce and volume and stayed cleaner longer. So, definitely follow the directions for how many pumps to use for your length of hair because it really helps with the cleansing process.] Next, I added a little water to distribute the product and massaged it into my scalp for a few minutes. Then I combed it through with a wide-tooth comb and let it sit while I completed the rest of my shower. (The longer you leave it on, the better.) Finally, I rinsed thoroughly with cool water and applied a small amount as a leave-in conditioner (one pump or so) starting from the back of my hair down to the ends. I did not applying any to the crown or scalp area.

I have been a fan of no-poo cleansing for a while now. Since my hair has the tendency to be on the dry side, I often skip shampoo and just cleanse with conditioner, so I was very excited about a product made for this exact purpose. Wen’s Cleansing Conditioner was exceptional because it really felt like it was hydrating and getting rid of dirt and oil, probably due to the minty herbs and extracts, like menthol and rosemary. Unlike other conditioners I have used for cleansing, my hair did not get slightly oily the following day. Awesome! Plus, it smells amazing. The result was shiny, manageable, great-smelling hair. Not at all dry or straw-like after I use harsh, stripping shampoos. Price: 16 oz. / $28.00

Chaz Dean Studio
6444 Fountain Ave.,
Los Angeles, CA, 90028
(323) 467-6444


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