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Being Boring Is The Worst Sin of All


Lady GaGa was making the rounds in New York City today (November 3). First she showed up at Fuse TV’s On The Record and then at MTV studios to promote her upcoming tour. It was also recently announced that GaGa will performer at the 37th annual American Music Awards, which airs on ABC on November 22nd.

I was trying on clothes in this shop in Hollywood while this girl was fitted for a dress she was wearing to the American Music Awards. She was going to be a newbie red carpet interviewer, and I overheard her mention that Whitney Houston and Rihanna were slated to preform. Neither of them are confirmed, so we’ll see about that! But so far along with Lady GaGa, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez, Eminem, Black Eyed Peas, and Adam Lambert are all scheduled to perform. It should be a good show!


I can’t help it. I kind of like Lady GaGa. Her songs are kind of good. KIND OF. Parts of them. (Other parts of them suck, though. Like the Fergie-ish part in Paparazzi.) But she’s so dedicated to this whole weird look of hers. I mean, at least she’s not boring. The last thing we need is another Hilary Duff or something. Wait. Is Hilary Duff even a singer? Whatever. Even if Lady GaGa is just being weird to get media attention and sell records, and she’s really just a mall girl from Yonkers, who cares. It’s semi-interesting and that’s better than not interesting at all.